Meet the Faces of Cedar Valley Farms

November 11, 2020

Meet the faces of Cedar Valley Farms:

Jud Lee: The farmer behind Cedar Valley Farms. Jud was born and raised on a family farm in Hodgenville, KY. He is third generation farmer who has raised everything from flowers and vegetables, to bottle calves and pigs. You can find him on any given day at Lee's Garden Center in Hodgenville alongside his Momma, who started the garden center business in the early 1990s. He has a passion for sustainable agriculture and bridging the gap from farm to table. 


Abby Lee: The talker behind Cedar Valley Farms. Abby was born and raised on a small family farm in Rockfield, KY. She is a (middle school) social studies teacher by day and a wanna be farmer at night. Her favorite animal is a goat, even though Jud hasn't let her bring any to the farm (yet). She has a passion for family farms, people, and has never really met a stranger.


Together: Jud and Abby met at Western Kentucky University (#GOTOPS) in 2013. Jud graduated with a bachelors degree in Agronomy and Abby with a bachelors degree in secondary education (history and social studies) in 2015. They were married in 2017 and bought a piece of the family farm in 2018 to establish their roots in the community. Hodgenville is home and they take pride in providing high quality farm produce and products to their community members. 


Cedar Valley Farms was created in 2016 with the belief that good food starts at the soil. At first, Cedar Valley Farms only provided farm fresh produce to customers in Hodgenville, Elizabethtown, and Fort Knox. Since then they have expanded to raise all-natural pasture raised pork, chicken, and beef on the farm using rotational grazing practices. They've also partnered with other #KYProud farms from the community to provide customers with diverse products such as microgreens, fruits, cheeses, Chia seeds, jams, & jellies.

Jud Lee

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